Cuidigh Linn Initiative, Ait na nDaoine Ltd Community Services Programme
18 September 2015 |
Cuidigh Linn Initiative, Ait na nDaoine Ltd Community Services Programme
Cuidigh Linn provides services for older people living in Dundalk. The project aims to utilise its links with the community and with agencies to ensure that the needs of older people are identified and met. The project is funded through the Community Services Programme (CSP) which is administered by Pobal on behalf of the Department of Social Protection (DSP). The Community Service is managed by Ait na nDaoine Ltd, which looks after the broader social and economic needs of the community in Muirhevna Morn.
There are approximately 10 part-time workers involved in the project supported by a dedicated manager. The community service delivers a wide range of supports through its weekly visitation service based in a designated disadvantaged local authority housing estate in Dundalk.
The aims of the project are:
  • To provide a necessary, affordable and worthwhile service to the elderly community in Dundalk.
  • To provide highly qualified and experienced carers to deliver the highest quality of care for elderly residents in Dundalk.
  • To rekindle community spirit and to help the elderly live safely and confidently in their own homes.
The outreach workers visit elderly clients for one hour on either a weekly or monthly basis, whichever suits the client best.  This is predominantly a befriending service and then, once a relationship is established the community service will assist with other needs the older person may have, such as: help with filling in forms; assistance with organising visits to doctors/public health nurses; help with cleaning; linking in with other services; information about entitlements.
In addition to the home visits service, Cuidigh Linn also employs a team of dedicated maintenance workers. Their clients can make a request for particular home improvements and the maintenance staff will perform the work at a reduced and more affordable price based on the client’s ability to pay.
Pobal’s Role:
  • Appraise funding applications to ensure criteria of programme met 
  • Help groups develop their business plans
  • Provide funding for key staff.
From service user

"I’d be lost without Cudigh Linn, I feel safe knowing if anything were to happen me during the night one of the staff would be at the door checking if I am alright.  I am confident they would realise something was wrong. I have been involved with Cuidigh Lin since it opened 2007"

"The maintenance workers are a pleasure to have in my home; they have painted various rooms for me and help me keep on top of my garden.  There is always a bit of craic and banter with the staff.  I feel they are really for the people and community and it’s more than just a job.   I am delighted to give this testimonial about Cuidigh Linn as I know I only have to lift the phone and they are there for me."  Sheila

From service provider

"We couldn’t provide this service for older, vulnerable people without the staff provided by Pobal’s Community Service Programme. Pobal have been extremely helpful in advising us on our business planning as well as giving input into successfully managing our community service." Andrea Connolly, Centre Manager