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Working on behalf of the Irish Government, Pobal is committed to being open and accountable to you, and we actively pursue ways to keep you informed about our activities. Our website is one of the ways we do this.

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Denis Leamy


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I believe that the work of Pobal is of great importance in promoting social inclusion in Ireland today. Through the programmes, which we manage on behalf of Government Departments,we contribute to the inclusive and sustainable development of diverse communities...

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Seamus Boland


Effective Financial Management is critical for any organisation. The economic situation in Ireland has changed quite significantly over the past number of years and the role of Pobal Corporate Finance is as important as ever, in ensuring value for money along with excellent standards of accountability and transparency in respect of all funds that Pobal manages.
Internal Financial Controls
Pobal’s Corporate Finance function is responsible for developing, implementing and managing finance practices on a Company wide basis to support and facilitate Pobal in meeting its internal and external requirements to the highest standards however the Board of Pobal are responsible for keeping proper books of account, which disclose with reasonable accuracy at any time the financial position of the company and to enable them to ensure that the financial statements comply with the Companies Acts, 1963 to 2009.
The Board of Pobal has taken steps to ensure an appropriate control environment
  • Clearly defining management responsibilities (in particular through the roles of CEO and Financial Controller, in a defined organisational structure with clear segregation of duties;
  • Adopting the principles of corporate governance contained in the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, bearing in mind the size and nature of our organisation;
  • Establishing formal procedures to monitor the activities and safeguard the assets of the organisation.

In 2011, Pobal administered c€258m in grant funding to beneficiaries on behalf of our funders. Please see below Annual Report and Financial Statements for 2010. 

Annual Report 2010 
Financial Statements (Annual Accounts 2010)

The Corporate Finance section ensures the successful management of all funding through effective policies and procedures both corporately and for our beneficiaries. 

If you have any queries on any Corporate finance related issue, please do not hesitate to get in contact directly at

Debbie Kivlehan
Financial Controller, Pobal