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Peace Hands SymbolPEACE III
Our story is one of rags to riches, a decade ago we provided youth support from a run down, cold damp premises in Sligo. The Peace I programme changed that. This youth focal point acts as a drop in centre but also provides a wide range of artistic pursuits including music, drama, public speaking and film.


St Anne's Music Skills Project

Co Sligo

 Denis Leamy, Phil Hogan OECD 2011
The National Policy Context

The programme for government - Government for National Recovery 2011-2016, the Action Plan for Jobs 2012, Pathways to Work and the Comprehensive Review of Expenditure principally form the national policy context that frames the work of Pobal.

Pobal is committed to supporting national recovery through the programmes managed on behalf of Government Departments and to discharging its charitable object “the delivery and management of programmes which promote social inclusion, reconciliation and equality through integrated social and economic development within communities” within the imperatives of this policy context. In particular, Pobal is committed to nurturing the complementary relationship between social and economic policy, to fully subscribing to the development of the lifecycle approach, and in this way to contributing to Ireland’s recovery.

Our Approach
         At the heart of Pobal’s programme management there is.....Read More

A common approach founded on:

• A principle of supporting partnership approaches to decision-making and coordination between communities, State agencies and other stakeholders;
• A rigour in transparency and accountability in the financial control and systems employed by Pobal and required of beneficiaries in receipt of funds;
• A recognition that communities, who are not able to participate in labour markets and other aspects of mainstream society, require support to engage with the programmes;
• A commitment to encouraging new initiatives and supporting Government Departments to respond to policy through the lessons learnt from the programmes we manage. We achieve this through analysis and exchange of experience leading to identification and dissemination of good practice;
• The ability to bring a store of related programme knowledge, experience and expertise to managing new programmes.
Our Services
         Pobal offers a portfolio of programme management services.....Read More

The extent and application of these services is dependent on the requirements of the individual programme but broadly our services cover the following areas:

Programme planning and design
Management of applications
Working through appropriate channels, including local organisations, to reach target communities and support them in application to programmes;
The objective and documented assessment of “applications”, which can range from short application forms to multi-year strategic plans;


Contract management
Both the technical aspects of ensuring contract compliance and, in some programmes, the reassessment of existing contracts for renewal;
By instalment to ensure continuing cash flow to beneficiaries and quality assurance in financial control for Pobal;
Monitoring of progress
To assess beneficiaries contract compliance and delivery, for risk management purposes (e.g. the review of beneficiary audited accounts), to report regularly to sponsoring bodies and to provide information for departmental responses to PQs;
To groups and organisations in contract including training on financial systems, information and guidelines on thematic and management issues which support the beneficiaries capacity to participate in programmes;
Risk Audit, Verification and Audit
Pobal’s independent Audit unit provides a further safeguard through site visit based inspections of beneficiary systems and records;
Compliance visits
Site based inspection
Decommital of funds and recovery


Strategic Plan 2010-2013