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Welcome to the Supports & Resources page for the Dormant Accounts Fund.

The Dormant Accounts Fund is a scheme for the disbursement of unclaimed funds from accounts in credit institutions in Ireland.  The fund is administered under the 2001 Dormant Accounts Act, together with the Unclaimed Life Assurance Policies Act 2003 and the Dormant Accounts (Amendment) Act 2012 and is under the statutory function of the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs with effect from July 2016. The Dormant Accounts Amendment Act 2012 provides for the disbursement of funds for the purposes of programmes or projects to assist:

- the personal and social development of persons who are economically or socially disadvantaged;

-the educational development of persons who are educationally disadvantaged or

- persons with a disability (within the meaning of the Equal Status Act 2000).
2017 Dormant Accounts Fund
See link below to the key requirements document for DAF Measure 1 Social Enterprise grantees funded in 2017.
DAF Key Requirements June 2017
Presentations from the Social Enterprise measure grantee support event held on 6th July 2017
DAF Social Enterprise Finance Support Presentation 2017
DAF Social Enterprise Key Requirements Presentation 2017

DAF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Project Objectives/Actions
         Our application had proposed some expenditure and actions in 2015. However, as the grant was not drawn down until February 2016, the timelines in our project plan are pushed back. Do we need to formally notify Pobal about this? 
         My project was late starting. Will it be possible to get an extension to the end date?  
         Is there a template for partner agreements?  
         All of our transactions are carried out by electronic transfer (EFT) rather than cheques – is it sufficient to submit remittance advice? 
         In relation to co-funding, does this need to be all upfront or can it be paid in instalments for each item as costs occur?  
         Is Co-funding 20% of the overall grant given by Pobal or the overall cost of the project? For example, we were awarded €20,000 but the overall project cost is €25,000 should we be co-funding funding with €4k or €5k?  
         Should we set up a designated account for the DAF grant and a separate trading account and then reimburse the designated account on a monthly basis as we do with other Pobal grant funding?  
         Do we need to spend the full grant in order to be able to claim the final 10% nstalment? 
         We haven’t made any payments from our Pobal funding as of the date the first return is required (30th April) so do we still need to make a financial return by this date? 
         Are capital costs eligible and what about a laptop and software under Measure 2?   
         Do I include a non-cash contribution to the project on the budget sheet, even if it from a partner organisation?  
         Our project is spread over three different geographic areas with local committees to oversee the rolling out and managing of finances locally. Can the local committees hold the relevant documentation locally and report to me as the lead organisation?  
         What expenditure reports are required by the Partner to the Lead Organisationt? 
Public Procurement
         Where do I get guidance on public procurement requirements? 
         Is it possible to use suppliers from outside the state?  
         I am purchasing ICT equipment – what is the procurement threshold for this?  
         Is it possible to procure multiple goods/services in smaller amounts from different suppliers? 
         There is only one known supplier for the good or service that I wish to procure and the provider is not registered with e-tenders, what should I do? 


         How do I provide evidence that both the funded organisation and the chosen supplier underwent the procurement process? 
         What should we do if nobody applies under the e-tender process?  
         What if prices for goods or services have increased or decreased since the time of application? 
         How long does the e-tendering process take?  
         As the grant is less than 50% of costs, do we still need to e-tender?  
Monitoring and Reporting
         How do I access the DAF Portal? 
         I have lost my DAF username and password. What should I do?  
         Will there be an evaluation of DAF?  
         If a staff member will be working on the DAF project but we have not applied for funding for this position do we need to report on this?  
         How much time will be allowed to submit financial and progress returns after a reporting period? 
         We have put in place systems for recording/reporting for other Pobal funded Programmes, will the financial and monitoring processes be similar? 
         Where can I find the questions for the End of Project Reporting?   
         In relation to the Questionnaires/Surveys for the end of project report, will it be possible to carry out the survey on an anonymous basis given sensitivities with our clients?  
         Most of our training under Measure 3 is unaccredited in nature. Can this be captured as part of the end of project reporting?  
         Our training programme will not be completed until November 2016, however we are supposed to survey participants 2 months after the training is completed. Can we survey participants after one month? 
Recruitment and Employment 
         What process is required if we wish to recruit an internal staff member to a DAF funded position? 


All staff positions must be recruited through an open and transparent process, whether internal or external. Evidence of the open and transparent recruitment/selection process must be clearly documented and available for inspection. Positions should be additional and new as per the Guiding Principles of Dormant Accounts.
In the case of internal recruitment, the position vacated must be either a) backfilled or b) a redundant position in order to verify that the DAF funded position was additional and necessary in order to carry out specifically the DAF funded activities. Documentation to verify a) and b) must be clearly documented and available for inspection.
         Under what circumstances will a secondment arrangement be allowed?  


Secondment of existing staff will be permitted only in exceptional circumstances; such cases will be considered on a case-by-case basis and must be discussed and agreed in writing with Pobal in advance.
         If the organisation is employing an individual do they need to use the statutory pay-scales?  


No, it is the role of the employer organisation to determine the salary scale to be applied as appropriate to the position. Under measures 4, 5, 7 and 8 Salary costs including recruitment costs must be no greater than the Department of Health Consolidated Salary Scales.  The employer must ensure appropriate terms and conditions that are compliant with all relevant employment related legislation. 
         In relation to staffing, are we obliged to employ a person or can we contract a consultant to carry out the work? Our original proposal was to employ a person; however, we are now considering contracting a consultant to carry out the work instead, is this permissible?  



In this instance you would be requesting a significant budget change i.e. moving salary costs to programme costs and this would represent a major change to your approved budget as per your signed Grant Agreement. Any changes of this nature must be requested in writing along with a rationale to your Pobal Development Co-ordinator and the case will be considered. When contracting a consultant, Public Procurement rules apply. 

         What is the situation if I want to “place” a staff member in another organisation period? 


There will generally be a 2 week period before returns and progress reports are due after the end of the reporting period.  End of project reporting financial and non-financial these must be submitted 4 weeks after the end date.  We would urge you to complete these reports as quickly as possible to allow for a fast turnaround for payments. 
         We are an ETB with a moratorium on staff, can staff be employed through partner organisations? 



Exceptions can be made in agreement with Pobal due to specific circumstances.  A statutory body with a moratorium on staff would be an acceptable circumstance to warrant alternative arrangements to be put in place.  An SLA would be expected to be put in place with the third party(s).  The main points Pobal would expect to see in an SLA is an outline of the operational reporting system (including staff management), agreed financial procedures and for the gathering and collation of monitoring, output and outcome data. 
         Where do the DAF logo and strapline need to be displayed in our premises?   



The poster (available on the DAF page of the Pobal website) should be in a visible location such as the organisation reception or other prominent area where members of the public are likely to see it and for the duration of the grant period.   

         Do we need to display the Pobal logo and the relevant Department logo as well as the DAF logo?  



No, you can include additional logos if you wish but the only logo required is the DAF logo and strapline.  
         Should the logo/strapline be on all company materials or just those specific to the project?  



You only need to display the DAF logo and strapline on materials relating specifically to the DAF project. 
Pobal DAF Measure Contacts
If you have any queries, please first consult the DAF Key Requirements Document as this may be able to answer your question. 
If you need to need to discuss your project with a Pobal staff member, please see relevant contact details below. 
Measure 1
Paul McLaughlin (015117275 or pmclaughlin@pobal.ie)
Measure 2
Deirdre Whitmore (015117177 or dwhitmore@pobal.ie
Measure 3
Anne Marie Moran (015117196 or amoran@pobal.ie 
Measure 4
Bernard Bolger (015117518 or bbolger@pobal.ie)
Measure 5
Jo-Anne Hurley (015117113 or jhurley@pobal.ie)
Measure 6
Jo-Anne Hurley (015117113 or jhurley@pobal.ie)
Measure 7
Liam McKeever (015117608 or lmckeever@pobal.ie ) 
Measure 8
Sophia Hume (015117243 or shume@pobal.ie)

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