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Publicity Guidelines Update
City/County Childcare Committees (CCCs), Voluntary Childcare Organisations (VCOs), Community Based Groups and Private Providers (approved capital funding) under the National Childcare Investment Programme are no longer contractually required to adhere to NDP Publicity Guidelines/display NDP logo and text references on their publicity material.
However, beneficiaries of Capital (European Union - EU) grant assistance, under the Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme (EOCP), who are still in operation, must continue to display the EU Publicity Posters and/or commemorative plaques, and include the EU logo on any new publicity material they produce. Copies of the relevant posters & EU logo can be downloaded below.
For details of general publicity material, please click here. And City/County Childcare Committees (CCCs) and Voluntary Childcare Organisations (VCOs) must adhere to the following Publicity guidelines.
Beneficiaries in receipt of Childcare Capital grant assistance are required, under contract, to display the relevant poster in a visually prominent position on the childcare premises for 2 years from the date of the last instalment of funding from Pobal. The English and Irish language versions of the poster are available for download below.