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ESF Rules & Regulations
Please refer to the following link for the European Social Fund Website www.esf.ie which outlines the rules and regulations which must be adhered to by all ESF funded organisations. The following updated ESF circulars were issued to all EWM projects:
EWM Guidelines
The programme guidelines provide information for funded groups on the key requirements, policies and procedures relating to the administration of funding under the Equality for Women Measure 2010-2013.
The guidelines are an important source of financial and non-financial information and a good reference point for project managers/co-ordinators, project workers and financial administrators.

EWM Information and Publicity Requirements
Please refer to the European Social Fund (ESF) 'Information and Publicity Guidelines' for use in all documentation, publications, promotional material, posters and events associated with your EWM project. The Guidelines must be adhered to by all EWM projects as part of your contractual requirements. The below logos and tagline must be used on all documentation associated with the project. Please use in conjunction with the ESF Guidelines.
ESF Participant Questionnaire To Gather Data for European Commission
In line with European Social Fund (ESF) requirements for the Human Capital Investment Operational Programme (HCIOP) the reporting process for funded groups includes submitting specific statistical data on project participants who participate in ESF-supported actions. Funded organisations are required to ensure that all project participants complete the ‘Questionnaire to Gather Participant Data for the European Commission’ (Template G) at the beginning of the project.

ESF Participant Questionaire
Public Procurement
Please review the Public Procurement Guidance Note before making purchases or engaging service providers. The Public Procurement Review Report is also required to be completed by projects to provide evidence of compliance with procedures and to ensure the correct process has been followed. Please keep a copy of the completed report on file as failure to demonstrate compliance will result in expenditure being deemed ineligible.


Public Procurement Guidance Note
Public Procurement Review Report
Public Procurement Guidelines
Circular issued by Dept Finance re updated Public Procurement Guidelines





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