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Welcome to the Equality For Women Measure Beneficiary page. You will find Project Development Support, Operational Support and Templates to assist your EWM project.
EWM Directory of Projects
EWM Directory of Projects 2013/2014

The EWM Directory of Projects provides a brief summary of the work that is currently being undertaken by the 23 projects funded under EWM Strand 1 in 2013/2014. It is hoped that this resource will help to facilitate some informal networking between projects in relation to actions undertaken and key learning emanating from individual projects.
EWM Thematic Report
The EWM Thematic Report “Addressing Gender Barriers to the Labour Market” is intended to profile the Equality for Women Measure through researching and documenting an identified theme and associated issues arising in the work of projects funded under EWM 2010-2013, with a particular focus on addressing barriers to women’s participation and progression in employment and enterprise.
The theme identified for the research assignment was lack of confidence / poor self-esteem / fear of failure which was seen to constitute a barrier to participation in the labour market amongst women across all 3 strands of EWM, regardless of socio-economic background. The report outlines models of engagement or confidence building currently being implemented through the Measure and highlights some of the innovative methodologies utilised.   The report also proposes evidence-based conclusions on the effectiveness and transferability of some key approaches to promoting and progressing women’s access to employment and participation in enterprise.

​EWM Thematic Report

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EWM Networking & Support Event Information

An EWM Networking and Support event was organised by Pobal in October 2011, which brought the EWM projects together for the first time to reflect on their work in the broader EU and national policy context. The morning session was devoted to policy and thematic areas that are relevant to EWM.  A representative from the Department of Justice and Equality (Gender Equality Division) outlined EWM in the context of the National Women’s Strategy and also the EU policy context. The Head of Policy from National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) presented data on the position of women in Ireland today with a focus on caring roles and barriers to participation in employment and enterprise.  Finally, to facilitate some learning between EWM projects a project from each of the 3 EWM Strands presented their work highlighting a range of different methodologies in relation to educational and developmental supports. 

The afternoon session focused on workshops that were dedicated to Pobal staff presenting important operational information in relation to: Finance (finance controls, reporting and governance) and Monitoring (reporting requirements, information and publicity requirements and evaluation). Feedback from the event was very positive and the groups welcomed the opportunity to meet the Department, to receive supports, interact with one other and share learning in order to improve outcomes for programme participants.