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Contact: enquiries

Email: enquiries@pobal.ie

Telephone: 01 511 7000

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Frequently Asked Questions


How to log in to IRIS
How to navigate in IRIS
Hints and Tips on Navigation
How to set the default page
How to set the number of records shown per page
How to use the View function for multiple records
How to update LDC information
How to update LDC Outreach Offices of your company
How to update your Board members
How to create new LDC staff members
How to view ED Deprivation score range for Beneficiaries
How to upload documents to IRIS
How to upload a Data Consent Form
How to attach files to a record
How to Perform an Address Search
How to find the Electoral Division of an Address
How to run reports in IRIS (Annual Plan / Beneficiary Participation Rate)
How to run other reports in IRIS
How to use Dashboard charts on IRIS
Assigning Your 2011 Actions to Local Objective Statements
Announcements and How to Register for a Pobal Event 
Using Internet Explorer with IRIS 
How to do a Mail Merge
How to do an Email Merge
IRIS Dos and Donts
Tips for speeding up IRIS
Guidelines on LDC Board membership

Annual Planning

Steps in inputting your Annual Plan on IRIS 2013
How to view different Annual Plans
How to clone Actions from last year's Annual Plan
How to create new Actions for an Annual Plan
How to set a Quarterly Milestone
How to clone Key Planning and Policy Structures records 
Creating a new Key Planning and Policy Structures on the Annual Plan 
How to print the CDB Annual Plan Approval Report
How to print the Annual Plan report
Ring-fenced Volunteer Centre Actions

Financial Administration

How to change Approved Budget Line Item Amounts
Non-LCDP Action Levered Funding
How to print the Quarterly Expenditure Report
How to submit Quarterly Returns
Staffing Sheet 2015

Performance Monitoring


LCDP Framework
General Information on how to record outputs
How to Improve Data Quality (Essential Monitoring & Updates)
How to check your Local Objective Statements
Performance Monitoring Chart (IRIS) 
How to update a Quarterly Milestone Achievement 
Updating Key Planning and Policy Structures 
How to set up Other beneficiaries
How to set up LCG benefiaiaries
Local Objective Statement Reports (Quantiative)
Reviewing Qualitative  Local Objective Statement Indicators
Beneficiary Participation Rate Report Explanation
Guidelines on VC reporting to LDCs 2013 update
How to set up individual beneficiaries



Notes on Paper Templates
Registration Template (Individaul Beneficiary)
Registration Template (Local Community Group)
Outputs Template (Other Beneficiary)
Course Template (LCDP)
Data Protection Individual Beneficiary Consent Form (PDF)
Data Protection Individual Beneficiary Consent Form (Microsoft Word)
Ring-fenced for Volunteer Centres Reporting Template 2013 update