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Managing Better

‘Managing Better: tools for taking care of business’ has been developed by Pobal to provide guidance and support to the Boards and managers of community, voluntary and other non-profit organisations in the day to day running management. There will be four volumes in the toolkit based on best practice;

Good Governance
Financial Management
Human Resources 
Information Technology
It should be noted that these guidelines are general best practice, if you require more detailed professional advice you should liaise with your accountants, solicitor, professional body, other as applicable.
Managing Better Training Videos
         Good Governance - Introduction
         Good Governance - Principles of Good Governance
         Good Governance - Key Legal Responsibilities
         Good Governance - Operation of the Board
         Good Governance - Relationship between the Chair and CEO
         Good Governance - Online Governance Related Resources
         Financial Management - Introduction
         Financial Management - Risk Management
         Financial Management - Strategic Planning
         Financial Management - Review of Internal Controls
         Financial Management - Online Resources
Information Technology Documents