PMS 1 Updates 2012
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In 2010 the RTP team in Pobal developed an on-line system (Performance Monitoring System - PMS) to assist with capturing and reporting on the required performance monitoring data for RTP.
RTP Groups are required to submit data relating to passengers such as age, gender, accessibility requirements and whether they are Free Travel Pass (FTP) holders. This information is required by Pobal to report to the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport on a monthly basis.
This information is used to provide evidence about the impact of the RTP in terms meeting passenger needs and addressing rural and social exclusion (particularly in relation to older people and people with disabilities).
The data is submitted to the Department on a monthly basis and is used to compile the annual report on the performance and impact of the programme. This information is also used as the basis for responses to parliamentary questions (PQs) and other information requests throughout the year.

PMS1 Updates 2012

    Home Page:
    1. The Trip Data page now defaults to the previous month rather than the current month.
    Adding Daily or Monthly Trip information:
    1. There is a new field called ‘ Other Income Generated (Euro)’ which is for the amount the service generated from other contracted income service agreements including the HSE, VEC’s, Active Age Groups etc.;
    2. The ‘Other Free’ field is no longer available;
    3. There is a new ‘Comment’ field to record any unusual or important notes as required; o The flow of the screen has been altered slightly so that Free Travel Pass information is displayed in the same order as the Passenger Analysis data. •
    Transport Services:
    1. Services can now be sorted by ‘operational mode’;
    2. All sortable fields now appear in the service display list;
    3. Up to three 'Purposes' can now be selected for a Transport Service, although it is only mandatory to select one;
    4. Schedules can now be marked as “Not In Operation”;
    5. Only “In Operation” Schedules will be available when adding daily trip logs.
    1. ‘Distance in km’ has been included on the Categories of Service Statistics report;
    2. More information has been included on the ‘View Summary and Submit’ page and this information can now be exported to Excel;
    3. You can now see individual daily trip data after it has been submitted.