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We welcome any feedback in relation to the system updates recently deployed. Please contact us with your comments at rtp@pobal.ie
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Contact: Uchenna Ofodum

Email: Uofodum@pobal.ie

Telephone: 01 511 7323

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In 2010 Pobal developed a GIS based mapping system for the Rural Transport Programme (RTP) in order to map the individual RTP group coverage areas along with the RTP community transport services nationwide.
A mapping system is deemed essential at this point in the programme for the following reasons:
• To provide a management tool for the programme stakeholders at local and national level, in terms of planning and developing services
• To illustrate and monitor service levels and frequencies
• To show the variations in service delivery models e.g. scheduled, semi-flexible and demand responsive services
• To highlight gaps in service delivery
• To help prevent displacement with other transport providers
• To examine linkages to other public services and facilities
• To help ensure that information on the services is readily available and accessible in a range of formats
• To assist in examination of value for money and added value
The mapping system is being developed for use by a range of stakeholders including the following:
• Pobal
• RTP groups around the country
• Department of Transport
• Department of Social, Community and Family Affairs
• Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs
• Public at large (future application)
It is intended that the mapping system would become a management tool that can be used by Pobal and the relevant projects on an on-going basis.
RTP Maps Updates

    Please note the following changes/upgrades became available on 8th March 2012:

    • Full Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann and private operator datasets (data from the NTA)
    • The ability to turn on only your own routes and to select only a particular route type
    • Ability to highlight an individual route
    • Digitising: the procedure for digitising is still the same, however now a user can only digitise if they are zoomed in to 1:10,000 or below.
    This will make digitised routes more accurate. Please note that the digitising tool is now found on a tab on the left hand side of the screen rather than being visible on right hand side of screen where it was previously.
    Please contact us at rtp@pobal.ie for the user guidelines on the mapping system or if you have any queries on using the system.