FAQ Quick Links
 What is social exclusion ?
 How is the LCDP programme delivered?
 How is the programme structured?
 Who does the LCDP target?
 Where can I get more information on the LCDP?
 Access - When will I get my username and password details?
 I have a username and password but I cannot access the IRIS application. Who do I contact?
 Can more than 4 people in my LDC update IRIS?
 This is a web application. Is it secure?
 If I forget or lose my password, can I request a new one or change it myself?
 Can other LDCs see my budget information?
 What web browser should I use?
 Do I have to use a specific operating system?
 Can I share my username and password?
 When do I need to submit my annual plan?
 Can I submit my annual plan manually?
 How will I know I have successfully submitted my annual plan?
 I have submitted my annual plan but want to make changes to it. Can I?
 When is training taking place?
 I want all staff in my LDC trained. Is this possible?
 I want to schedule staff from my LDC for training. Who do I contact?
 When will finance specific training be taking place?
 What training material is available?
 Are there any training videos available?
 Where do I get more information about quarterly milestones?
 What is a Key Planning and Policy Structure?
 We are required to enter our Actions in order of our priority, how do we do that?
 How do we indicate that an Action is targeted at more than one RAPID area.
 If I need to know more about the terminology around actions, strategic objectives etc where do I go?
 I attended a webinar training session but need more help. Where can I get it?
 How does “sign off” happen?
 What happens if I do not have an endorsement date? Can I still submit the Annual Plan?