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The Community Based CCTV Scheme (which is led by the Department of Justice and Law Reform) commenced in 2005 and aims to support local communities who wish to install and maintain community CCTV security systems in their area, with the goal of increasing public safety and reducing the risk of anti-social and criminal activity.
The scheme is intended to support community-based organisations that wish to provide community CCTV systems, in order to deter illegal or anti-social behaviour in places to which the general public have routine access, such as residential communities, city and town centres. The scheme is designed to provide financial assistance, to qualifying local organisations, towards meeting the capital costs associated with the establishment of local community CCTV systems. It is not intended to cover the installation of CCTV systems in exclusively commercial areas such as shopping malls, industrial estates or business parks etc., where that is the primary objective of a proposal. It is not available to interests such as clubs or individual groups in order to provide security for a specific building or premises.
 Please note the CCTV Scheme is not open to any new funding applications.