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Working together for Quality Early Education & Childcare
City/County Childcare Committees (CCCs) and Voluntary Childcare Organisations (VCOs) work together locally and nationally to assist over 4,400 early education and childcare service providers improve the quality of their services. CCCs and VCOs provide supports and training to services and actively promote the adoption and application of national frameworks that improve the quality of service delivery. Pobal helps the CCCs and VCOs in working  together by hosting a collaboration web portal for all the organisations to share information and work on; by managing and hosting national management and co-ordination meetings;  by undertaking analysis, sharing information and helping the organisations organise and plan their work together.
City & County Childcare Committees

Thirty three City and County Childcare Committees (CCCs) are funded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs(DCYA) and act as a local agent for DCYA in the administration of aspects of national early education and childcare programmes. The CCCs are often the first port of call for both parents and childcare providers when trying to access many of today’s early years care and education initiatives (e.g. CETS, ECCE, CCS, Childminding grants). Having a local focus and knowledge means that CCCs are well positioned to support the development and sustainment of early education and childcare services locally which cater for the needs of local parents and children.
How can your local CCC help?
• Support for the delivery of the three national programmes (ECCE, CCS, CETS);
• Support and guidance to local service providers and parents on national programmes and service quality in keeping with national frameworks and policy objectives;
• Co-ordination and provision of training;
• A local centre of information for all things early education and childcare.

Pobal , on behalf of DCYA, manages the funding of CCCs, oversees their work and supports their development individually and collectively. Pobal undertakes on-site checks to ensure the investment by DCYA is appropriately spent and accounted for.

Pobal  co-ordinates  "case management" between indiviudal CCCs, DCYA and Pobal.   This is to ensure that issues and interventions with any of 4,400 services contracted to DCYA programmes are managed in a coherent and informed manner.     Pobal also maintains a national mapping of all 4,400 contracted early education and childcare facilities contracted to provide services to 100,000 children under DCYA programmes annually.   Pobal Maps is a national information and management resource freely available to parents, services, CCCs,  DCYA and other service planners that avoids duplication of effort.
Voluntary Childcare Organisations

Pobal, on behalf of DCYA, manages the funding of a number of Voluntary Childcare Organisations who represent the interests of, and provide support services to early education and childcare service providers right across the country. The funded organisations report into Pobal on the delivery of their funded work programme. Pobal undertakes checks to ensure the investment by DCYA is appropriately spent and accounted for. The Voluntary Childcare Organisations currently funded through Pobal are:
  • Barnardos
  • Border Counties Childhood Network
  • Childminding Ireland
  • Early Childhood Ireland
  • Forbairt Naionrai Teoranta
  • Irish Steiner Kindergarten Association
  • St. Nicholas Montessori Society of Ireland


Click here to find contact details for the VCOs.

Síolta, the National Early Education & Childcare Quality Framework
Aistear, the National Early Years Curriculum Framework
National Literacy & Numeracy Strategy