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Bocan Community Creche

Bocan is the most affordable childcare and it offers a great service as my daughter has cerebral palsy. She needs extra care and the staff have been brilliant in giving her that attention that she needs. They continue with her speech and physio and as a result her progress has been outstanding, I cannot thank them enough. They have been a big help for me as well in getting her the extra care that is needed for her to continue with her time at Bocan.


Bocan Community Creche, Donegal

The objective of the Training and Employment Childcare (TEC) Programmes is to support parents on eligible training courses and eligible categories of parents returning to work, by providing subsidised childcare places.

The Training and Employment Childcare Programmes (TEC) are administered by the Department of Children & Youth Affairs (DCYA) on behalf of the Education & Training Boards (ETB)/Solas and the Department of Social Protection (DSP).

TEC comprises 3 Strands, as follows:
  •  Childcare Education and Training Support Programme (CETS)
The Childcare Education and Training Support Programme (CETS) provides childcare for children of eligible parents taking part in ETB/Solas (formerly VEC/Fás) training courses.
  •  After School Childcare Programme (ASCC)
The After School Childcare Programme provides afterschool care for primary school children for eligible working parents and parents on DSP employment programmes (not incl. Community Employment) – parents are informed by their Local Intreo Centre or Social Welfare Office that they are eligible for ASCC places.
  •  Community Employment Childcare Programme (CEC)
The Community Employment Childcare Programme (CEC) provides childcare for children of eligible parents taking part in Community Employment schemes.

The allocation of places under the programme is managed by the DCYA, via the City and County Childcare Committees (CCCs). The information is then passed on to Pobal, who make the payments to providers on the Department’s instructions.

Pobal also conducts on-site visits and checks of service providers participating in TEC Programmes to ensure that providers meet the terms and conditions of TEC as set out by the DCYA.
For more detailed information on the TEC programmes please visit the PIP Homepage.

To find out if your child is eligible for TEC please contact your local City/County Childcare Committee (CCC).