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University College Cork

Training as a mentor gave me the confidence to support other staff members in their quest for academic development. I didn’t expect to get anything out of being a mentor, I just wanted to provide support where it was wanted. However, working with my mentee gave me an insight into the kinds of challenges faced by some women in the university. I’m not saying I can solve the challenges but being aware of how these challenges present and how difficult they are to overcome is a very good first step.

EWM Participant

Through the Glass Ceiling:

Career Progression Programme and Strategy For Female Academics and Researchers

EWM projects used a variety of women-centred techniques and methodologies to build capacity, mentor and support the participation of women across a broad spectrum, from very marginalised and sometimes vulnerable women, to those women who are already in employment or enterprise. The projects across each of the EWM strands have benefitted a diverse target group of women across all ages and include women who have experienced domestic abuse, migrants, lone parents, Travellers, women who are long-term unemployed, offenders, ex-prisoners, women experiencing addiction issues, women in business, aspiring entrepreneurs, women in employment and professional women. The following case-studies give a flavour of the type of projects funded under EWM and the targeted supports provided.
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