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Intercultural Strategy for Youth Work

Being involved in the Intercultural Strategy has been a really positive experience for the project and for the young people, especially our young leaders. They are getting opportunities to experience and discuss things that we rarely looked at before and young leaders are really working hard to make their projects more inclusive. It’s great to see new faces in the youth project.

Local Youth Worker


The EIF funds Canal Communities Intercultural Centre to manage the Intercultural Strategy for Youth Work.  This project is based is the Canal Communities area of Dublin which covers Bluebell, Rialto, Kilmainham, Inchicore and Islandbridge.
The project works in partnership with local youth services and projects to embed interculturalism and anti-racism into their youth work and policies.  This is to ensure that local youth services become truly reflective of the diverse communities living in the area and that they offer relevant youth services to all young people including Third Country Nationals. 
The project carries out a wide range of activities including:
• Raising awareness amongst local youth services of the cultural and ethnic diversity in the Canal Communities area.
• Providing tailored training to staff to enhance their anti-racism and intercultural policy and practice.
• Working with local agencies to establish new procedures for recording racist incidents and following through on these reports.

• Training volunteer youth leaders to carry out intercultural work with other young people.

• Offering targeted art and creativity programmes to encourage interculturalism within existing youth projects.

• Mainstreaming learning and good practice within existing youth services.
 This project ended in September 2012.
Case Study - Integration Through Learning
Our Intercultural Strategy for Youth Work supports a number of organisations to build intercultural youth work into their youth programmes.
One such programme is run in St. Michael’s Youth Project in Inchicore.  With our support, the youth workers and young people have developed a programme that explores culture through  art, music, workshops, and games.   The programme explores the themes of belonging to a community and the different cultures and values that make up a community. 
This programme is running over a number of months.  The group has designed and painted a replica of a block of flats in St. Michael’s Estate.  The replica ‘blocks’ will be mounted in St. Michael’s Youth Project with lights and clothes lines making them very realistic.
In the second phase of the programme, the group explored human rights.  We facilitated a number of workshops during European Anti-Racism Week in March.  These workshops raised their awareness of inequalities existing in society.  The workshops also linked local issues to global issues and the young people created an art installation to represent the different aspects of inequality. 
In the final phase of the programme, the group will use music to explore the theme of identity and to celebrate differences and belonging.
The young people have complete ownership of the programme.  The programme is designed to enhance participants’ self esteem, communication skills, social skills, and team work.  We also intend that the programme will instil a sense of pride in the young people in their local community and give them a deeper understanding of the differences that make up their community. 
An exhibition of the group’s work will take place at the end of the programme.