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The Galway City EIF Project seeks to build on successful integration and intercultural initiatives developed in Galway City in recent years. This includes two anti-racism and diversity strategies for the city and a range of other intercultural initiatives developed by Galway City Partnership and other local organisations. ​
The Galway City EIF Project delivers work in four areas:
Direct Integration Supports to Migrants
This initiative provides direct supports to Third Country Nationals through information, advocacy services and English language supports.  This work is delivered by                    Galway Migrant Service.
Community Integration
This strand creates increased opportunities for ongoing intercultural dialogue and interaction between host and migrant communities.  This work focuses on promoting community events that clearly enable social interaction and intercultural exchange such as community festivals, sporting events and other cultural events.
Inclusive Local Development
This action supports Third Country Nationals to participate in local development structures and the wider community and voluntary sector.  The development of Galway City Intercultural Forum is a specific priority of this particular initiative.
Managing Diversity / Mainstreaming Integration
This scheme supports public and private sector organisations to build their capacity in planning and managing cultural diversity.  The project uses a range of tools and resources to deliver a structured training programme for employers.
The Galway City EIF Project ended in December 2012.
Case Study
Our English language classes take place weekly.  We deliver beginners, intermediate and  advanced level classes. The classes are run by volunteer English language teachers.  We recruit volunteers locally through word of mouth and also through Galway Volunteer Centre.
Learners progress through each class level as their language skills improve.  The classes have proved very popular and attract more than 40 people every week.  The classes also provide an important social outlet for participants.  Some of our students have made lasting friendships  through our classes.
As Galway City Partnership runs a number of different programmes, we have been able to link our English language students to other support programmes.  We have developed a simple and effective referral system from our English language classes to programmes such as the Local Employment Service and TÚS.
Overall, the English language classes have proven very successful in terms of their benefit to Third Country people.  The financial costs are minimal as the teaching is delivered by volunteers. The initiative has also benefitted many volunteer language teachers who have been given the opportunity to develop their teaching skills.