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The European Integration Fund is a European Union programme that supports the integration of “third-country nationals” in member states.
In Ireland, the fund supports integration, intercultural and interfaith projects at local and national level. Eligible projects focus on areas such as information provision, education, training, employment, the arts, community development, and the promotion of intercultural dialogue. 
The Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration in the Department of Justice and Equality is the responsible authority for the fund. Pobal manages the funding on its behalf. 
Third Country National
A third-country national is person from outside the European Union or European Economic Area who has legal permission to live in Ireland. Under the European Integration Fund, asylum seekers and refugees are not identified as third-country nationals.
Integration Supports

Integration supports focus on activities that promote the participation of migrants in the social, cultural and economic life of the State.
Inter Faith Dialogue/Intercultural Dialogue
Intercultural dialogue and interfaith dialogue facilitate respectful interaction between individuals, groups and organisations with different cultural or faith backgrounds.
For further information on projects currently or recently funded by the European Integration Fund, see below. 
Separate programme guidelines, application form and application guidance for the European Refugee Fund are available here.
For further information on projects currently or recently funded by the EIF, please see below: