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LCDP Case Studies
10 April 2012 |
Featured Case Study: Nenagh Community Garden



North Tipperary LEADER Partnership (NTLP), North Tipperary’s local development company, became involved in this project late summer 2011. A steering group made up of volunteers, agencies and local voluntary groups had already come together, and use of a centrally located piece of land had been promised on lease for very low rent. NTLP Community worker, Gearóid Fitzgibbon, was able to assist with the development of a project proposal, and NTLP staff facilitated grant aid through the Local and Community Development Programme. This covered a number of initial start-up costs, which included poly tunnels plus erection, a tool shed, community shed and compost toilet.


This key start up support offered by the LCDP, has allowed this project to get going, and is a great example of how statutory funding, accompanied by local development work can leverage results for the community. 2012 will see a range of different courses being offered by the local VEC, and NTLP’s own BTEI programme. 
The Nenagh Community Garden Project is made up of representation from North Tipperary VEC, North Tipperary Reparation Project, St. Cronan's Workshop, Nenagh Town Council, Aras Follain, North Tipperary Community Services, NTLP and local volunteers. The aim of the group was to establish a Community Garden in Nenagh as a social training project to enable socially vulnerable target groups to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables, and how to prepare and cook them. The project will increase participants' awareness of the health value of fruit and vegetables, as well as skills in production, preparation and consumption. The project is a combination of voluntary and statutory input.
Initially preparatory work on a community garden project was carried out in 2008 by an umbrella group of local statutory agencies, Tipperary LEADER, North Tipperary VEC, Young Nenagh Project, HSE and Nenagh Town Council. This resulted in a draft plan entitled 'Garden to Plate' which was written by a HSE dietician. The members of the Steering Group represent groups of socially disadvantaged within the Nenagh district. The garden represents a means of engaging with the target groups.
This project helps to enhance quality of life of those taking part, and promote healthier lifestyle. It will increase participants knowledge and skills in vegetables and fruit growing, providing them with a recognised FETAC LEVEL 3 qualification. It will also provide opportunities for physical activity outdoors, and enhance social and personal development. Participants will gain the opportunity to take charge of growing their own plot.