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The following example highlights how the project works with children, families and childcare providers and all of our project actions are incorporated within this example.

In August 2012, Tús Nua identified a family living in one of our designated areas and when we contacted them, they agreed to participate in the project with their four year old daughter. A home visit was carried out to the family during which the project was explained and a participation agreement was signed. During this visit we identified that one of the reasons that the child was not ready to start pre-school was because she was not yet toilet trained. 

Project workers returned on a weekly basis for the following four weeks and used our Transitions workbook, Mo Chéad Chéim to carry out activities with the parent and child, for example painting and making play dough. Tús Nua workers supported and enabled the parent to help the child toilet train by making a weekly plan with them as to how to begin and follow through on this process along with tips to encourage the child.

During this time the parent learned to recognise the benefits the child could gain from carrying out these activities, the benefits of ECCE were promoted and the parent was encouraged to carry out activities in the home. Mo Chéad Chéim also identifies what children need to do for themselves to be ready to go to playschool.

When she started pre-school in September the pre-school staff continued the support for the parent and child and the child was accident free in no time. Part of the Transition support also involved showing the child photographs of the preschool service and discussions around what would happen when she started, including familiarising her with her teachers names etc to prepare her for this big step.

Once in pre-school, Tús Nua worked with the pre-school service to ensure this child and all the children attending the service were enabled to participate freely. This involved support on the service layout, environment and equipment and in relation to their daily activities and routines. 

Tús Nua also implemented an Observation technique which allowed staff to take regular observations of individual children (including as mentioned above) and to use this to plan and support individual children’s participation, learning and development.