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Contact: Emily Cunningham


Telephone: 01 511 7300

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CPLN Area Partnership

South Dublin County Childcare Committee are delighted to be involved in this NEYAI project and look forward to taking the learning from this initiative and sharing it with the 267 services across South Dublin. This sector has experienced extraordinary change for the better over the past number of years, as it becomes more focused on providing best outcomes for children, and more professional in its quality and curriculum.

Jean Courtney, Manager

South Dublin, County Childcare Committee

Evaluation is a key strategic component of the Initiative and in July of 2011 the Steering Committee appointed a team of evaluators under the direction of Dr.Kieran McKeown to undertake formative evaluation of the Initiative.
The vision for NEYAI is to build a national evidence-base for policy and practice in order to improve the quality, coordination and outcomes of services for 0-6 year olds. In this way, the initiative aspires to ‘leave in place a sustainable legacy for the future’. That is why, within this vision, projects are referred to as a ‘demonstration sites’ and ‘demonstration projects’, denoting that their core function is to contribute to demonstrating more effective and efficient ways to promote better outcomes for 0-6 year olds and their parents. In other words, the vision implies that NEYAI projects, through thedemonstration effect of their work, have the capacity to improve services for all 0-6 year old children in Ireland, which currently amount to approximately 360,000 children.
The broad context of this vision is set by the intrinsic and extrinsic value of all children, especially children who, by virtue of adverse circumstances, are not adequately nurtured to realise their true potential. That is why the initiative is focused exclusively on areas of socio-economic disadvantage since children in these areas are, on average, more likely to experience what Urie Bronfrenbrenner calls ‘developmentally disruptive influences’ often leading to ‘developmental dysfunction’ rather than ‘developmental competence’.
NEYAI is a four-year initiative, 2011-2014. An Interim Report on the evaluation will be finalised in early 2013 and a Final Report in early 2014. Please click to access the NEYAI Evaluation website