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The Fingal Parenting Initiative Case Study
23 May 2012 |
The Fingal Parenting Initiative (FPI), while specifically linked to 20 Childcare Services in Fingal, is a project which hopes to support all parents and families in the County. They adopt a multi-tiered approach which aims to provide universal targeted support to families in areas of relative deprivation and/or disadvantage.
This project will provide parental support through widespread delivery of information sessions and seminars that are open to all childcare providers and parents living in the County. In particular, FPI will aim to support communities within which the community childcare services are based. Within these twenty services, a higher level of support and information will be offered to practitioners and parents. Staff within the settings will have access to Parent Plus facilitator training and will be equipped with the skills, materials and support to offer parents and families on-going access to training and support.
In addition to this, childcare practitioners will be linked in with other family support mechanisms and professionals at local level. This will include the Public Health Nurses, Social Workers, Drugs Task Force, family support agencies and those who work on and behalf of children in those areas.
The FPI will at all times remain cognisant of the needs of the local population and families. The sites of support will be clearly identified and online support and information made available to ensure that all families in Fingal have access to the Fingal Parenting Initiative.