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Theme 1.1: Building Positive Relationships at a Local Level
The Pobal in partnership with Community Relations Council (The Consortium) has been commissioned by the Special EU Programmes Body to support and assist 14 Local Authority-led Peace Partnerships across Northern Ireland and the border region in the implementation of their peace and reconciliation plans under Theme 1.1 of the PEACE III Programme. Peace Theme 1.1 Support.

This Consortium provides support and advice to Partnerships as follows:
  • Provision of mentoring and support in relation to the implementation and monitoring of plans.
  • Challenging the policy and operational implementation in order to maximize the contribution of the Plan to addressing the Programme Objectives and ensure compliance with regulations and guidance.
  • Completing a regular support and development needs assessment in an effort to determine and agree with SEUPB the allocation of resources to the Partnerships in greatest need.
  • Preparation and submission to the SEUPB of regular reports on progress.
  • Provision of support to build the institutional capacity, knowledge, attitudes and skills of the local authorities to promote a shared society and be able to engage in dialogue with communities on shared issues.
  • Facilitating the transfer of learning and dissemination of best practice by promoting liaisons and collaborative actions at a regional and cross border level between the partnerships. A map of and links to the 14 Local Authority-led Peace Partnerships can be found here