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Peace I Testimonials
Our story is one of rags to riches, a decade ago we provided youth support from a run down, cold damp premises in Sligo. The Peace I programme changed that. This youth focal point acts as a drop in centre but also provides a wide range of artistic pursuits including music, drama, public speaking and film.


St Anne's Music Skills Project

Co Sligo

The EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland (2007-2013) – also called the PEACE III Programme – is a European Union Structural Funds Programme aimed at boosting progress towards a peaceful and stable society. The programme has two main priorities:
• Priority 1: Reconciling Communities
• Priority 2: Contributing to a Shared Society
Under Priority 1 of the PEACE III Programme the Special EU Programmes Body has contracted Pobal, in partnership with the Community Relations Council in Northern Ireland, to deliver in two key areas:
Theme 1.1: Building positive relationships at the local level
This theme is concerned with challenging attitudes to racism and sectarianism and in supporting conflict resolution in local communities. Pobal and the Community Relations Council provide technical support to 14 local-authority led Peace Partnerships. These partnerships include six from County Council areas in the Border counties of the Republic of Ireland and eight from District Councils in Northern Ireland.
Theme 1.2: Acknowledging and dealing with the past
This theme aims to help people deal with the transition to peace. It aims to ensure that victims and survivors of the conflict are able to deal with the past on their own terms. Pobal and the Community Relations Council manage a grant of €50 million under this theme.