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Frances Fitzgerald T.D.

The availability of these funds reinforce the Government’s commitment to the extension of quality youth café throughout the country, in particular noting the repeated emphasis that young people have placed on the need for safe, alcohol-free recreational facilities.I am greatly encouraged by the quality of the projects that have already been grant aided under the previous Youth Café funding scheme.

Frances Fitzgearld T.D.

Minister, Children and Youth Affairs


Pobal administers Youth Capital Funding on behalf of the Department of Children and Youth Affairs. To date this funding relates to the provision of capital funding for Youth Cafés. To date there have been two rounds of funding, one in 2012 and one in 2013. Funding was for fit-out, refurbishment works or building enhancement projects for the start-up of new Youth Cafés. 

Please note that this programme is now closed for applications.

             What is a Youth Café? 

A youth café is a safe, dedicated, quality meeting space for young people ranging in age from 10 to 25 years. It is determined by young people for young people, in partnership with adults in the locality. In more general terms, a youth café offers the following to young people:

  • a relaxed meeting space, which is safe, friendly, inclusive and tolerant;
  • a place for both sexes and for young people from all social and cultural backgrounds to engage in social interaction with their peers in a safe and supportive drug- and alcohol-free environment;
  • a location for relaxation, recreation and entertainment, and, where appropriate, as a site for information, advice or even direct care/service provision;
  • a place where young people can develop good quality relationships with their peers and with adults.
You can find out more about youth cafes by clicking on the following links:



One of the core functions of a youth café is that it offers support to young people, ranging from practical support to advice through their participation in activities that are of interest to them and that are varied and on offer at times that suit their normal activities. In awarding funding, the Department will endeavour to ensure that there is a geographical spread of youth cafés from the funding commensurate to existing provision in the area.
The Department of Children and Youth Affairs is committed to supporting the development of quality; front-line youth work projects and services which address to the changing needs of young people and communities.
A key element of this is to support the continued nationwide development of youth café facilities given the considerable benefits they offer for young people to meet in safe drug and alcohol free spaces and most importantly the identification of the need for such spaces by young people themselves.