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Contact: Liam McKeever


Telephone: 071 9145373 (ext608)

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Peace Theme 1.1 Workshop - Sectarianism
25 September 2012

A workshop networking event for Peace III Partnerships under the theme of Sectarianism took place in the Monaghan Education Centre, Monaghan Town on 18th September 2012.

Peace III Theme 1.1 Workshop Overview
Workshop networking event for Peace III Partnerships to:
  • Provide Partnerships with information on most up to date independent research on the topic
  • Provide Partnerships with an understanding of the sectarianism issues across the eligible area.
  • Provide Partnerships with the opportunity to discuss and highlight actions to address sectarianism in their own Phase II Peace Plans.
  • Demonstrate practical examples of projects working to address the sectarianism issue
1. Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Report, Number One, Feb 2012 

Dr. Paul Nolan, Community Relations Council


Peace Monitoring Report

Project Details and Contacts


2. Local practice - projects working to address the sectarianism issue:
a. SPIRAL (Storytelling to Promote Intergenerational Reconciliation and Learning).  - Louth Peace Partnership – Will Glendinning and Dr. Lucia Carragher

Project details and contacts – Netwell Centre and Diversity Challenges


b. Addressing Sectarianism in the North Down Peace Partnership - Debbie McKinney & Janette McNulty North Down Peace Partnership