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Peace III Workshop - Mainstreaming
27 December 2012
A workshop networking event for Peace III Partnerships under the theme of Mainstreaming took place in the Strule Arts Centre, Omagh, Co. Tyrone on the 20th November 2012.
Peace III Theme 1.1 Workshop Overview
Workshop and networking event for Peace III Partnerships to:

• Provide Partnerships with the opportunity to understand what is meant by mainstreaming.

• Provide Partnerships with examples of how Peace Partnerships are preparing to mainstream.

• Discuss issues and barriers that enable and prevent mainstreaming.
• Identify practical ways that mainstreaming activity can begin or continue in their own Peace Partnerships.
Event Report to follow- coming soon
There were 3 presentations on practical approaches to mainstreaming from Peace III Partnerships.
1. Mainstreaming in the Southern Peace III Partnership,
Sonya Burns, Programme Manager Southern Peace Partnership

Mainstreaming in the Southern Peace III Partnership

2. Belfast Peace III Partnership, Mainstreaming Overview
Isaac May, Peace III Programme, Belfast City Council

Belfast Peace III Patnership

3. Mainstreaming in the Donegal Peace III Partnership,
Seamus Hopkins, Peace III Manager, Donegal