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    Theme 1.1 Workshop: Monitoring and Evaluation "Reflection and Action"
    21 September 2011

    Venue: An Creagan, Creggan, Omagh

    1. To provide Partnership Members and Secretariats with an overview of the Phase II monitoring and evaluation requirements.
    2. To provide an update on the Phase I Aid for Peace Process and to provide an opportunity to discuss how this information is being collated and utilized.
    3. To discuss the Aid for Peace Process for Phase II and any emerging issues
      To provide an opportunity to share and discuss good practice approaches to Monitoring and Evaluation by Peace III Partnerships.

    There were four Presentations given;

    Sarah Reid - Special EU Programmes Body
    Presentation on SEUPB Monitoring and Evaluation requirements for Phase II

    Sonya Burns – Peace III Partnership Manager (Southern Cluster)
    Presentation on the Southern Partnership approach to Monitoring and Evaluation during Phase I 

    Celeste McCallion - NISRA (Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency)  
    Presentation on Aid for Peace Process - learning from Phase I and requirements for Phase II. 

    JoAnne Kilmartin - Donegal Peace III Partnership
    Presentation on the challenges of monitoring and evaluation for Phase II.


    The following materials were referenced on the day

    Sharing the Learning
    Listening and Learning A discussion with people from across Donegal who were part of Projects funded by Phase I of Peace III  

    Useful Links / Materials
    SEUPB - Guidence Note 12
    SEUPB - Aid for Peace Approach - Information for Projects
    SEUPB - Theories of Changes Appendix B  from the PEACE III Operational Programme