Theme 1.1 Workshop: Strengthening & Sustaining Cross Border Peace & Reconciliation Work
19 October 2011
Venue: Belfast City Hall

Aims of the event was to:

  • Provide Partnerships with the opportunity to discuss and highlight cross border reconciliation activity in their own Plans.
  • Demonstrate practical examples of cross border reconciliation projects.
  • Take opportunities to learn from projects presented.
  • Discuss ways of sustaining cross border reconciliation work into the future.
Opening Speaker

Sean Howlett
- North / South Ministerial Council

The following organisations presented their work on Cross Border Peace and Reconcilation
TABLE 1 – South West Peace Partnership, Chris McCarney (Website)
Presentation and discussion of the South West Partnerships Cross Border Work.
TABLE 2 –  Challenge for Change - Louth Peace Partnership, Paddy Drumgoole and Adrian O'Sullivan (Website)
Presentation of the Cross Border Challenge for Change Project which is a Project funded jointly by by the Southern Peace Partnership and the Louth Peace Partnership.

TABLE 3 –  The Communities and Policing in Transition Programme, Noel Rooney and Michelle Wilson (Website)
Presentation and discussion on the Theme 1.1 Regional Project, Communities and Policing in Transition Programme (CAPT) and their experience working cross border basis.
TABLE 4 – - Belfast Peace Partnership, Isaac May
Presentation and discussion on the Belfast Partnership's Cross Border Work.