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Latest Early Years Sector Profile Published.pdfLatest Early Years Sector Profile Published28/11/2016 17:593857 KB
W2 Paul Reid.pptxW2 Paul Reid10/11/2016 17:518000 KB
BB Seamus McGuinness V2.pptxBB Seamus McGuinness V210/11/2016 17:51804 KB
W6 3 Donal Kelly.pptxW6 3 Donal Kelly10/11/2016 17:50388 KB
W6 2 Tommy Coleman.pptxW6 2 Tommy Coleman10/11/2016 17:5068 KB
W5 2 Teresa Haughey.pptxW5 2 Teresa Haughey10/11/2016 17:492676 KB
W5 1 Neil Forsyth.pptW5 1 Neil Forsyth10/11/2016 17:491010 KB
W4 3 Pauline O Dwyer.pptxW4 3 Pauline O Dwyer10/11/2016 17:49815 KB
W4 2 Dorinda Ryder.pptxW4 2 Dorinda Ryder10/11/2016 17:4827901 KB
W4 1 Susan Melligan.pptxW4 1 Susan Melligan10/11/2016 17:482740 KB
W3 John Murphy.pptxW3 John Murphy10/11/2016 17:476140 KB
W3 2 Evelyn Murray.pptxW3 2 Evelyn Murray10/11/2016 17:462299 KB
W3 1 Alan Curtis.pptxW3 1 Alan Curtis10/11/2016 17:45820 KB
W2 SINEAD CARR.pptxW2 SINEAD CARR10/11/2016 17:45464 KB
W2 Deiric O'Brion.pptW2 Deiric O'Brion10/11/2016 17:35550 KB
W2 Anne Kavanagh.pptxW2 Anne Kavanagh10/11/2016 17:35298 KB
W1 3 Brid O'Brien.pdfW1 3 Brid O'Brien10/11/2016 17:34540 KB
ECCE Payment and CCS Registrations 19-09-16.docxECCE Payment and CCS Registrations 19-09-1627/09/2016 16:5825 KB
SICAP 2015 Infographic FINAL PDF (download) (2).pdfSICAP 2015 Infographic FINAL PDF (download) (2)09/09/2016 16:461409 KB
SICAP 2015 Infographic FINAL P2.jpgSICAP 2015 Infographic FINAL P209/09/2016 12:47423 KB
SICAP 2015 Infographic FINAL P1.jpgSICAP 2015 Infographic FINAL P109/09/2016 12:47431 KB
2016_17 CCS Parent Pre-Registration form-new-GA-v4.pdf2016_17 CCS Parent Pre-Registration form-new-GA-v402/09/2016 16:4547 KB
How do I know if I have done all my steps.docxHow do I know if I have done all my steps26/08/2016 17:21160 KB
CCSP 2016_Letter to Parent or Guardian.docxCCSP 2016_Letter to Parent or Guardian17/08/2016 15:5571 KB
TEC 2016 Letter to Parent or Guardian.docTEC 2016 Letter to Parent or Guardian12/08/2016 16:3077 KB
ECCE 2016 Letter to Parent or Guardian.docECCE 2016 Letter to Parent or Guardian12/08/2016 16:2979 KB
LAG User Guide - FINAL PDF.pdfLAG User Guide - FINAL PDF11/08/2016 15:462344 KB
Implementing Partner (IP) User Guide.pdfImplementing Partner (IP) User Guide11/08/2016 15:452344 KB
How to Guide ECCE 38 weeks service calendar.pdfHow to Guide ECCE 38 weeks service calendar28/07/2016 10:02664 KB
Optional Extras.pdfOptional Extras28/07/2016 09:55130 KB
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