The Compliance, Audit and Risk (CAR) Directorate is responsible for the operational management of the compliance and audit / verification functions across a wide range of Pobal-funded programmes. It is also responsible for corporate risk management and the co-ordination of internal audit services.

Audit / verification checks are conducted across a wide range of Pobal funded programmes. Such visits have a financial focus and aim to confirm that grant monies are spent for the purposes intended in accordance with programme rules and contractual conditions. They also include a review of internal financial controls and corporate governance arrangements.

Local and national community groups preparing for an audit / verification visit by Pobal may find it useful to familiarise themselves with the contents of the following documents:

  • Guidelines for internal financial procedures
  • Best practice in operating electronic banking systems
  • Eligibility form (specific to the Community Services Programme)
  • Insurance declaration form

Further information on the audit / verification checks carried out by Pobal, as well as the guidelines / forms referred to above, may be requested from