Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Pobal (the “Board”) operate to best practice corporate governance principles in line with the guidelines set out in the Revised Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies, as issued by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (“DPR”) in August 2016.

The Board is responsible for overseeing the broad strategy and policies of the organisation. It is responsible for the system of internal control and for putting in place processes and procedures for ensuring that the system is effective and that risk is adequately managed. It performs these functions directly and through the operation of specific Board sub-committees in accordance with approved terms of reference. Responsibility for the implementation of policy rests with the Executive Management Team (“EMT”) of Pobal.

The Board are appointed by the Government of Ireland. The ‘Guidelines on Appointments to State Boards’, issued by the DPR in November 2014 are followed in respect of the selection process and suitable persons are then appointed to the Board by the Minister of the Department for Rural and Community Development.

The directors of Pobal are also members of the organisation and are made up of 16 directors/members. Each year at the Annual General Meeting, four of the longest directors/members are retired from office, in accordance with the processes set out in the Articles of Association. New directors/members, on their appointment, are provided with an induction and extensive briefing on Pobal and its operations.

The Board work in a voluntary capacity and receive no fees or remuneration for the time spent in carrying out their duties. Expenses are paid to the Board in line with agreed Civil Service rates.

Review of Charitable Status

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