ReCreate is an award winning social enterprise, their mission is to foster creativity and enable all in society have the opportunities to experience the benefits of creativity in their everyday lives. They do this through a concept known as ‘Creative Reuse’ which is the repurposing of excess, unused, surplus or unwanted materials in creative ways. Every year thousands of tonnes of materials are discarded by manufacturing companies for many reasons. Instead of sending them to landfill or for recycling, ReCreate, its members and artists reinvent them in new and interesting ways.

ReCreate first opened its doors in November 2013 and was officially launched in February 2014. The team started with 2 full-time staff members but were able to grow the team to six full-time employees in 2016 thanks to the Community Services Programme (CSP).

ReCreate’s vision is to establish a national social enterprise fostering creativity, valuing social inclusion and protecting the environment. They have recently moved to a bigger premise in Dublin and have goals of opening stores in each province in Ireland in the future.

Social inclusion is hugely important to the organisation. To date they have provided work placements for over 60 people through the Tús programme. Four of the staff were recruited directly from the live register. They offer volunteer opportunities for individuals with additional needs and ReCreate has become a welcoming space for people to come and get involved in whatever capacity they can. The social enterprise have four ‘full-time equivalent’ staff (FTEs) and a manager role supported through CSP.

ReCreate would absolutely not be where it is today without the help of the Community Services Programme. Being granted the opportunity to increase our staff allowed us to improve our service offering and increase our impact in the community. We have scaled quite quickly over the past number of years, always working towards a sustainable model where we can be a fully self-sustaining organisation. CSP allowed us to bring in certain expertise such as marketing, communications, warehouse logistics and finance. Elements that are crucial to successful organisation. Support from CSP is has been and continues to be vital in making our model work. Clodagh O’Reilly, Chief Executive, Recreate Ireland

Quotes from service users

“I heard it was great, but it has totally exceeded my expectations!” Susan – Art Teacher

“Thanks to the ReCreate staff from all of the children in Wombles crèche Tallaght for organising our workshop yesterday. They were so excited with the expectation of the workshop, it however surpassed anything they had imagined. I think they will be talking about it for a long time to come!!” – Miriam Cullen (Wombles Creche)

“ReCreate – what a breath of fresh air, an Aladdin’s cave of treasures!! All teachers, parents and anyone involved in arts and crafts will absolutely love ReCreate, with its bountiful supply of re-usable resources – from paper to tins, tiles to bottle tops, wool to fabric, the list goes on and on. The membership is such fantastic value and a brilliant way for schools etc to save money while also using recycled items. At ReCreate from the moment you walk in the door you are met with such professional, knowledgeable and courteous staff, who are obviously passionate about this fantastic new facility. It’s a pleasure and a joy to call in and stock up on supplies, leaving with your car filled and your head full of ideas.” Cheryl Doyle – Manager, Sticky Fingers Montessori School, Skerries