Crossabeg Community Childcare Centre Company Ltd

Crossabeg Community Childcare Centre, Redwood Crossabeg, Co. Wexford received funding through School Age Capital 2017 to improve the school aged childcare service they were providing. The service is a community-based childcare setting in close proximity to the local primary school.

The Service used the funding to purchase equipment to improve and upgrade their afterschool facility. This included technology such as cameras, tablets and CD players as well as large electrical appliances such as washing machines and dryers. The technology bought has had a huge impact on the children, in particular the older children as they can take their own pictures of any work they have done or interesting things they see in the garden and then print them out on the computers. This in turn helps develop their sense of responsibility as they enjoy choosing what they want to capture and what they don’t.

The service has a large outdoor area with areas for exploring a variety of activities that at times can be messy and dirty. The service found that the children attending the afterschool facility wanted to explore the outdoors but were not permitted to by theire parents due to their clothes getting dirty. By purchasing the large items such as washing machines and dryers the service now has the facilities to utilise outdoor wet gear and have these cleaned as needed for the children, making them enjoy their time in the Aftershcool more

From having an average of 18 children on a daily basis the afterschool service has grown to an average daily attendance of 22 children, in part attributable to the additional equipment purchased with the funding received via School Age Capital 2017.