Financial Statements

Pobal’s Financial Statements are part of Pobal’s Annual Reports, which can be found here.

Plans for major capital expenditure

Pobal have no plans for major capital expenditure.

Payments or Purchase Orders for goods & services (over €20K)

Purchase Order Payments Q1 2017 

Purchase Order Payments Q2 2017

Purchase Order Payments Q3 2017

Purchase Order Payments Q4 2017

Purchase Order Payments Q1 2018

Purchase Order Payments Q2 2018

Governance Board member remuneration

The Board of Pobal work in a voluntary capacity and receive no fees or remuneration for the time spent in carrying out their duties. Expenses are paid to the Board in line with agreed Civil Service rates.


Pobal aren’t in receipt of any grant or sponsorship. The work of Pobal is paid for by government on the basis of fees which are agreed every year.