* PIP Announcements *
Notification 21st July 2017
We would like to make you aware that our Online Support team are currently experiencing a network outage. We are aware of the issue and are actively looking into it. We hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.
Notification 17th July 2017
We would like to make you aware that the Online Support Team phone lines will close on Thursday 20th July at 13.30pm for operational reasons.
They will re-open on Friday 21st July at 8.00.

If you have a query, you can email onlinesupport@pobal.ie at any time and we will respond as soon as possible.
The Online Support Team.
Notification 12th July 2017
CCS/P and TEC fees list and service calendars
From Monday 17th July, 2017 Service providers will be able to complete and submit CCS/P and TEC Fees Lists and Service Calendars. Please complete the service calendar in advance of submitting registrations for the 2017/18 Programme calls.
How to guides for service providers and How to Videos for Service Calendars and Fees Lists will be posted to the portal to assist you with this process.
Notice: Clarification with regard to the availability of the Universal Childcare Subsidy through the Community Childcare Subvention Plus  (CCSP)

Childminders registered with Tusla will be permitted to sign up to the Community Childcare Subvention Plus (CCSP) Grant Agreement 2017/2018.
Please note that only the CCS Universal element will be available to childminders under this agreement.
To sign up to the grant agreement, childminders should contact their local City/County Childcare Committee.
A How to Guide with regard to PAU, Certification and Online Contracting for the grant agreement  is also available on the Pobal website under “All Programme Information” and by clicking on CCSP 2017/2018
Information on the universal payment is available on www.affordablechildcare.ie . In summary if the child is aged between 6 months and the first eligible point of entry for ECCE (The next entry point after they turn 3) and is enrolled in Tusla-registered childcare, they are eligible for a non means-tested universal childcare subsidy of up to €20 per week.
EY Operations Unit
July 2017
Compliance Notification
The Pobal Compliance team will continue to conduct unannounced visits to services that are operational over the summer months as per the service calendars uploaded to PIP for the 2016/2017 programmes cycle.  For those services still operating, please ensure that all records relating to other programmes which may have ceased for the summer months (e.g. ECCE) are also available for review during such visits. The Service Provider Compliance 2016/2017 checklist should assist in collating the relevant information that forms part of the compliance checks. In addition, it is essential that all Roll books /Attendance records and fee records where applicable are accessible, as the information contained within will also form part of the compliance checks.
ECCE Service Calendar amendment

We  are aware that some service providers are experiencing difficulties in meeting the minimum days/weeks requirements on the ECCE calendars, in particular those services who are based on Primary School Premises.  
We are rectifying the issue by allowing service providers to make week 2 (week beginning 28th August) a payable week.  This means that services who wish to open on Thursday 31st  August, will be able to amend their calendar to ‘uncheck’  this as a Non Payable Week.   Services must still  be open for 183 days and have 38 Payable weeks.   
This change will be available from July 15th
Early Years Capital 2017

A large volume of applications were received under the Early Years Capital 2017 programme. In light of this demand, the Department extended the deadline for applications and is also pursuing the possibility of securing additional funding over and above the €4m allocated to this scheme.
Pobal has now completed appraisal of applications made under the scheme, and provided the Department with recommendations in this regard on Friday last, June 23rd. Early Years Unit is currently reviewing these recommendations, to enable Minister Zappone to approve funding shortly.

School Age Capital 2017

A large volume of applications were also received under the School Age Capital 2017 programme and the appraisal process is almost complete. We will provide further updates on this over the next few weeks
Non Contact Time Payment 2016/2017

We are happy to announce the application form for the NonContact Time Payment is now live.
This form will be available on PIP for the coming weeks to ensure that all eligible services can apply.
Please see  HOW TO GUIDE & FAQs on the PIP Portal for details on how to apply. 
Non-contact time payment
The non-contact time payment procedure will be live from 8pm, on Thursday 29 June 2017.
In order to apply for the non- contact time payment, the PAU must be certified for 2017/2018. 
The PAU can make the application by completing a programme readiness task on PIP.
One application per facility can be completed.  Pobal will prepare payments for applications that are received by 11am on Tuesdays, and should reach service providers bank accounts by the Friday of that week. Payments are due to start the week of 3rd July.
The final date for completion of the readiness task is July 24th.
Announcement 16 June, 2017 -  Non-contact time payment update
Please note that the non-contact payments will be open for applications from June 29th.  
-   Applications can be made by completing the programme readiness task on PIP 
-   Applications submitted to Pobal by 11am on Tuesdays will be paid and should  be in accounts by the end of that week.
-    Payments will be paid weekly
-    The final date for completion of the non contact time payment application will be 24th July, 2017
Please see detailed notice with instructions for application and further information.
Notification 15th June 2017
ECCE fees list and service calendars
From Friday 16th June, 2017 Service providers will be able to complete and submit ECCE Fees Lists and Service Calendars.

A How to Guide for service providers and How to Videos for Service Calendars and Fees Lists have been prepared and posted to the portal to assist you with this process.
Notification 13th June 2017
Higher capitation calculations are being adjusted to reflect a weekly calculation.
This will be easier to understand and will more accurately reflect attendance. Payments will be made for the weeks the higher capitation is incurred rather than an average for the period of the HC level. This will be the way payments will be managed going forward.
What will you see on your PIP Portal:
Instead of one special allocation for the whole period of the higher capitation level, there will be a special allocation for each week.
Each weekly special allocation has a Maximum weekly FTE awarded by the DCYA. 
Notification 30th May 2017
PAU Re-certification  - Issue resolved
The issue we were experiencing yesterday(29/05/17) has been resolved.
Service providers can now proceed with re certifying the PAU for 2017/2018, and with the re-contracting process.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused
Notification 26th May 2017
Online contracting for DCYA funding programmes
Processing of contracts Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) childcare funding programmes for 2017 - 2018 will begin in the afternoon of Friday 26th May.
The process this year is similar to that of last year where each service must certify a PAU, service details and organisation details and must activate a contract for the programme in which they wish to participate.  
For 2017 - 2018 service providers must complete the following three steps before the contracts can be activated:
Ø  PAU Certification
Ø  Organisation details certification
Ø  Service details certification
The ‘how to guide’ for online recertification and recontracting and ‘how to video’ are available on the PIP Portal. 
A PAU ‘frequently asked questions’ guide for service providers is also available.
All services currently in contract with a DCYA childcare funding programme will be set up with a CCSP contract on PIP for 2017 - 2018.  
The CCSP contract must be activated if you wish to participate in any of the following schemes:
-          CCS Plus
-          CCS Resettlement, relocation and transition and,
-          CCS Universal
If you are a new service provider and wish to participate in the DCYA childcare funding programmes you must contact your local City/County Childcare Committee for an application form for the programme you wish to participate in. 
Notification May 2017
Please be advised the Grant Agreements for 2017_2018 are now available for service providers to review. Service Providers can view the grant agreements by clicking on the links below.
An accompanying notice from DCYA is also included.

CCS Grant Agreement 2017_2018

CCS Plus Grant Agreement 2017_2018

Notification 12th May 2017






The deadline for the submission of applications to the School Aged Childcare Capital Programme 2017 has been extended. 




The final date for applicants to submit an application is now 3pm, Wednesday the 17th May, 2017.






We are extending the deadline to facilitate services that wish to apply for new vehicles under SAC.  If you have already submitted your form and want to now include a new vehicle, YOU MUST contact Pobal online support at onlinesupport@pobal.ie before COB (5pm) on Monday the 15th of May so your application can be returned to draft status on PIP. 




Once the application form has been returned to draft status, you can make the changes and submit. 




**Please note you must submit the form again in order for your application to be considered**




Please ensure that all sections of your application form are completed including the Grant Requested amount and that the required documentation is attached before submitting. 



Notification 10th May 2017

CCS – April 2017 Expenditure Returns
The CCS April 2017 returns are now available for completion on Pobal Online. The deadline for submitting the completed return is Friday 2nd June 2017.
If you have any questions or require assistance in completing the return, please contact your Support Officer.
If you do not submit the return by the deadline, your CCS payments may be affected.
Important Update 5th May 2017 
School Aged Childcare Capital (SAC) 2017 Extension to deadline
The deadline for the submission of applications to the School Aged Childcare Capital Programme 2017 has been extended. 
The final date for applicants to submit an application is now 3pm, Friday 12th May, 2017.  Please ensure that all sections of your application form are completed and the required documentation attached before submitting. 
Important Information 4th May 2017
Please be advised that the issues with the PPSN Checker have been resolved and service providers can now begin entering registrations and AIM applications again.
Due to an office relocation Client Services phone lines will close at 4pm on Friday 5th May and re-open on Monday 8th May at 10.00 a.m. From Tuesday 9th May normal service will be resumed and phone lines will open at 8am and close at 6pm  every day.
You can continue to email Client Services at onlinesupport@pobal.ie while the phone lines are closed and we will endeavour to you respond as soon as possible
Notification 03/05/17  
PIP Announcement
PPSN Checker
Please be aware that the PPSN Checker is currently unavailable. During this time, the PPSN details of parents and children cannot be validated with the result that registrations or AIM applications cannot be submitted through PIP.
We are currently working to resolve the issue and will provide an update by 3p.m. today 3rd May 2017. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Important Update - EYC 2017 Extension to deadline
The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) have agreed an extension for the submission of applications to the Early Years Capital grant 2017.  The final date for the applicants to submit an application is now 3pm, Thursday 27th April, 2017.  Please ensure that all sections of your application form are completed, with the required documentation attached before submitting.   
Frequently asked questions document on more affordable childcare arrangements
The Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) have advised that a 'Frequently Asked Questions' document has been made available on arrangements for more affordable childcare from September, on the Department's website www.dcya.ie   
If further information is required, please contact your local County Childcare Committee. Contact details are provided through the Frequently Asked Questions document on www.dcya.ie
The DCYA further advise that a public information campaign will follow in May which will provide detailed information for both parents and services.
Notification 06/04/17  
Contract Activation
We are currently experiencing an issue with PIP whereby services are unable to activate contracts online. We are working on this and hope to have it resolved shortly.
In the meantime if you wish to activate a contract:
The PAU should send an email  from the PAU registered email address to pipdocuments@pobal.ie stating that they wish to activate their CCS contract and have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the contract.
Please state this clearly in the email as it is required for legal purposes.
We will then activate your contract on your behalf and email you confirmation.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused. 
Notification 31/03/17
For maintenance purposes, our online support telephone lines will close at 5pm today.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused and our full service will resume at 8am on Monday.
Notification 31/03/17 
Dear Providers
Due to internal processes there is a delay this week in releasing the CCSP payments. 
These are being processed today for payment into your account on Monday
Please accept our apology for any inconvenience caused,
CCSP team
CCS Plus
Further to our previous announcement, dated 7th February, Community/ Not-for –Profit Childcare services can now start registering children under CCS Plus.
The CCS plus registration forms will go live for Community providers from Friday 30th March.
Once the Primary Authorised User (PAU) has activated CCSP contract on PIP, they can then begin the registration process.   Child registrations can be back dated to January 2nd, 2017.
Community Service providers are advised to read the How to Guide and Frequently Asked Questions, available on the CSSP 2016/17 page,  for more information and guidelines.
                                                                         CETS Expansion
The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has directed the expansion of criteria for the Childcare Education and Training Support programme (CETS) from the 27th of March 2017 to include parents attending secondary school.
This change means that parents attending secondary school are now entitled to receive childcare funding under the CETS programme.
Participants on the following education programmes are eligible to apply for CETS funding.
·        CETS approved Education and Training Board  (ETB) courses – (former FAS courses)
·        CETS approved Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS)
·        CETS approved Youthreach
·        Back to Education Initiative (BTEI)
·        Secondary School Students completing their Junior and/or Leaving Certificate

What a parent needs to apply:
·        Child’s PPSN
·        Child’s D.O.B
·        Parent’s PPSN
·        Parent’s D.O.B
·        Stamped or headed paper letter of eligibility from relevant course provider/secondary school as proof of eligibility to apply for the CETS Programme.
 If you have any queries please contact the contact your local CCC.
Early Years Capital 2017
Pobal are delighted to announce that the Early Years Capital 2017 programme has been launched by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.  Please find enclosed link to guidelines which contains further details of this exciting funding opportunity for early years providers. 
ECCE  Registrations/Payments April 2017
The next batch payment will be made this Friday the 24/03/2017. Payments are for 5 weeks to 28/04/2017. ( If you have non-payable weeks on your service calendar over Easter this will affect the number of weeks for which you will be paid.)
New child registrations for April 2017 can be input 7 days prior to the child’s start date.  Child registrations for April must be approved between Monday 27th March and Monday 3rd April, 2017 to be included in the catch up payment on Friday 7th April.
                                                                 Notification 10th March, 2017
It has come to our attention that a small number of services that were due a payment today 10 March 2017, under the following programmes: ASCC, CEC AS, CEC PS  and CETS, have been inadvertently omitted from the payment run. We are currently processing an emergency payment run and these services should receive the payments in their bank accounts on Monday morning 13th March 2017.
We apologise to the services affected  by this error.
Notification 23rd February, 2017
Please be aware that PIP Portal is being updated. Please click on the video link to see the changes made.
Notification 7th February, 2017
CCS Plus
The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has directed the expansion of the Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme to Community/Not-for Profit Childcare Services.
This means that:
1)    Community/Not-for-Profit Childcare Providers will be allowed to register new children from January 2nd 2017 onwards through the option of electronically signing a CCS Plus Contract.
2)    CCS services who activate a CCS Plus contract may enrol ECCE children for weeks the ECCE programme does not apply (i.e. Easter and Summer months). 
What is CCS Plus?
The CCS Private Contract is being rebranded the CCS Plus Contract and is effective from 2 January 2017.  This will allow Community/Not-for-Profit Childcare Providers to make child registrations for those attending the service and are eligible under the programme from 2 January 2017 onwards under CCS Plus (CCSP). 
Who can apply for a CCS Plus Contract?
  • Current CCS services may activate a CCS Plus Contract.
  • Please note: Bank Details, Service Calendar and Fees List submitted under the CCS Programme will automatically be transferred to the CCSP contract on its activation.
  • New Community/Not-for-Profit childcare providers may apply for a CCS Plus Contract if they do not already have a CCS Contract. 
  • ·Private providers who do not already have a CCS Private Contract may also apply for a CCS Plus Contract.
Both new community/not-for-profit childcare providers and new private childcare providers will need to apply through their local City/County Childcare Committee for a CCS Plus Contract. 
Please note: Private childcare providers currently on a CCS Private Contract are unaffected and do not need to reapply for a CCS Plus Contract. 
For existing Community Providers who do not enter into a CCS Plus contract, the existing terms and conditions of the CCS contract remain the same.
How is a child eligible for CCS Plus?
A child must be attending the service with a CCS Plus contract.  The parent/child’s CCS eligibility must be valid at the time of the child’s registration.  Other requirement’s Parent and child’s names, PPSNs and Dates of birth are the same as the CCS registrations.  A child under CCS Plus must not be registered under any other programme at the same time.
Registrations made under the CCS Plus Contract fall under its terms and are aligned also to the terms and conditions currently set out in the Childcare Funding Programmes Information and FAQs for CCS Private registrations.  These will be amended to CCS Private/Plus in due course. 
What are the notable differences between CCS and CCS Plus (CCSP)?
Registrations under CCS Plus may be entered at any time (from 2 January 2017) and are not limited to the snapshot period.  However if a child leaves under CCSP, the notice period is 2 weeks and the CCSP funding is automatically released.  There is no 4 week notice period or any retention of funding.  
2 weeks’ notice is also the timeframe for children being absent from the service under CCSP, instead of the 4 weeks’ notice on the CCS programme. 
Please note that for 50 to 52 week CCS services, only weeks the service is open are paid for under the CCSP programme. 
CCSP eligibility must be attached to each registration showing the proof of eligibility within 1 month prior to or during the child’s start week on the registration.  Medical and GP visit cards must be valid at child’s registration start week.  This is opposed to the CCS eligibility during the snapshot period under the CCS Programme.
Each CCSP registration is manually processed and is not sent for verification to the Department of Social Protection and HSE.
What are the benefits of activating a CCS Plus contract?
Children who started after the snapshot period and are CCS eligible may be registered under the CCSP programme.  Registrations may not be earlier than 2 January 2017. 
Children who were registered under the CCS programme but who have increased their level of service e.g. 2 day to 5 day or children who have increased their CCS eligibility e.g. Band B to Band A may leave the CCS programme and join CCSP.  
Under the CCS Plus contract, the CCS service must not retain funding for CCS children on leaving.  This will allow children to be released for other childcare programmes e.g. ECCE, and not infringe on registering new CCSP children, (“replacement children” under the CCS programme). 
Please note:  Services who join CCSP must not have double funded childcare places.  Funding must be released from CCS first before entering CCSP children.
ECCE Children are now permitted on the CCS Plus Programme for Easter and Summer Holidays.
Children, who are registered on the ECCE programme, are now eligible to apply for the CCS Plus Programme for the school holidays, i.e. Easter and Summer holidays.  Children may only be registered on the CCSP Programme where there is no ECCE registration applicable for the same timeframe. 
Is the CCS Plus available now?
This process is currently being developed on PIP but is due out in early March.  Updated notices will be issued closer to the time along with updated How to Guides on CCSP. 
Notification 26th January 2017
CCS – December 2016 Expenditure Returns
The CCS December 2016 returns are now available for completion on Pobal Online. The deadline for submitting the completed return is Friday 17th February 2017
If you have any questions or require assistance in completing the return, please contact your Support Officer.
If you do not submit the return by the deadline, your CCS payments may be affected.
Announcement: 19th January, 2017
Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA)
Roll out of childcare subvention for families with children identified as homeless and certain changes to resettlement and relocation provision
Entitled: CCS Resettlement, Relocation and Transition 2016/2017
The following changes have been made to the CCS Resettlement/Relocation programme with effect from Jan 2nd 2017.
·        A new session type has been added to assist families identified as homeless by Focus Ireland. This session type, called “Transition”, will provide childcare places for children experiencing homelessness for up to 25 hours per week, which will include 15 hours of free pre-school (ECCE) where eligible, or school hours outside of term time.   This will be available for up to 33 weeks of this year, until August 19th 2017.   Contracted services will be provided with a flat rate of €110 per week, per child for these part-time children.   Parents will not be asked to pay any amount for these part time hours, and a daily meal must be provided for each child.  All registrations must be supported by an approved Focus Ireland eligibility letter.
·         The Relocation and Resettlement session types have been expanded to include 6 -12 year olds for up to 8 weeks and 14 weeks respectively;
The programme will now be called CCS Resettlement, Relocation and Transition and is only available to services currently in contract under CCS/CCSP. 
Please Note:  The Transition session is currently only available to services in the Dublin area.  Areas outside Dublin will later be added to the scheme.
Please refer to the CCS Resettlement, Relocation, Transition 2016/2017  how to guide for details of how
to apply, the eligibility criteria and how to register children on PIP.
Services providing CCS Resettlement, Relocation and Transition should consult the following documents which are available to download from the PIP Homepage:
-          CCS Resettlement, Relocation, Transition 2016/2017 ‘How to’ guide
-         CCS Resettlement, Relocation, Transition Letter of Eligibility (to be submitted with all registrations)
-         CCS Resettlement, Relocation, Transition Parental Declaration Letters (available in English and Arabic), to be signed by all parents and kept for compliance purposes.
PIP Notification 18th January 2017
Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme CCS 2016/2017 Band Appeal
Please be advised that the window to submit CCS appeals will close at midnight on Friday 20th January, 2017.  Please ensure you submit supporting documentation with your appeal. 
An appeals guideline is available at the below link to help you through the appeals process. 
PIP Announcement 2nd December   
ECCE Registrations – January 2017

To get ready for ECCE 2016/2017, we have made changes to PIP so that entry into the ECCE programme will occur at three points: September 2016, January 2017 and April 2017.  
New child registrations for January 2017 can be input seven days before the child’s start date.  The earliest a child can be registered for the January 2017 entry point is 26th December 2016. We know that services will be closed for a period over the Christmas holidays; this is just to let you know PIP will accept registrations from the 26th December 2016.
Below are some important dates to keep in mind during the January 2017 ECCE registration process:
  • Approved registrations on PIP by close of business on the 2nd January will be paid for in a catch up payment on the 6th January.
  • Approved registrations on PIP by close of business on the 9th January will be paid for in a catch up payment on the 13th January.
  •  Approved registrations on PIP by close of business on the 16th January will be paid for in a catch up payment on the 20th January.
  • All services will receive a four weeks payment on Friday 20th January 2017 (excluding any non-payment weeks submitted). 
  • The payment calendar will then resume with a payment of five weeks on 17th February 2017.
2015/2016 Registrations
Since September 2016 services have had to apply directly to Pobal to register or amend 2015/16 ECCE children on PIP.
As of 31 December 2016 this facility will be withdrawn and no further registrations or amendments to 2015/16 or previous ECCE contracts will be considered.
If you have any new registrations or amendments to make for an existing registered child on the 2015/16 ECCE contracts you have until Friday 31/12/2016 to submit an application to Pobal through pipdocuments@pobal.ie explaining the circumstances. Please don’t include any specific details in terms of the childs names/PPSN. Pobal will contact you asap in relation to your application.
PIP Notification 28th November 2016
Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme
CCS 2016/2017 Band Approval
Pobal will start to upload the CCS band approvals onto PIP on the 25th November 2016.  They will be fully uploaded by close of business Monday, 28th November 2016 – please wait until then to check them. 
The CCS band appeals process will be open between Monday 5th December and Friday 20th January 2017. Please ensure you submit supporting documentation with your appeal.
Please do not try to submit appeals before Monday, 5th December as PIP will not permit you to do so.
Q: What if I already submitted supporting documentation with the registration?
Please check the registration on PIP:
-       A comment in your registration stating ‘DSP documents have been submitted with this registration & will be reviewed shortly’ means that the documentation will be checked by Pobal staff over the coming weeks and you don’t have to do anything until contacted. i.e. you don’t have to submit an appeal. Please review your dashboard on the PIP portal for updates.
-       If there is no comment then the band approved will apply, unless an appeal is submitted.
An appeals guideline is available at the following link to help you through the appeals process. 
CCS Payments:
Please be advised that the CCS payment to be made week ending the 9th December will be based on the approved* registrations following the publication of the CCS bands at the end of this week.  
If you have any further queries please contact online support by telephone on 01 511 7222 or by email to onlinesupport@pobal.ie.        
ECCE & CCS Updates 25th November 2016
 ECCE Payments, Christmas Period
On the 9th December 2016 groups will be paid a maximum of 6 weeks up to 20/01/2017. This payment will be based on registrations and higher capitation approved on PIP by close of business on Monday 5th December, 2016.
The last weekly catch up payment to the 20/01/2017 will be made on Friday 16th December, registrations will have to be inputted by close of business 12th December, 2016 to be paid before Christmas.
The planned payments will be updated over the weekend and will be available on the Portal next week.

There will be no weekly catch up payments on Friday, 23rd December or Friday 30th December. Weekly catch up payments will resume on Friday, 6th January 2017.
The next major payment will then be Friday 20/01/2017 which will be for 4 weeks.  The payment calendar will then resume as published with the major payment of 5 weeks on 17/02/2017.

Please Note – ECCE Registrations – January 2016
New child registrations for January 2017 can be input 7 days prior to the child’s start date, the earliest a child can be registered for this period is 26th December and the first payment will be on the 6th January for the period up to the 20th January 2017.
"Please note services will not be paid in respect of non-payment weeks entered on the service calendar between 12/12/2016 - 20/01/2017."                      
Important Notice - Early Years Capital (EYC) 2016
1.     Expenditure Report- Each grantee is required to submit an EYC 2016 Expenditure Report via the PIP Portal before the 31ST of December 2016. Once the report is submitted correctly, the grantee will be reimbursed the final 10% of the grant. Please note any expenditure post 31st December 2016 will not be eligible and will not be reimbursed. Please see guidelines for completing the Expenditure Report.
2.     Change Requests-  Please note that no further change requests can be facilitated as of the 16/11/16’.
Compliance Announcement 2016/2017
Most services will already be familiar with the compliance process, which involves a series of standardised on-site checks aimed at ensuring adherence with certain programme rules as set out by the Department of Children & Youth Affairs (DCYA). Unannounced compliance visits will commence in November 2016 and continue to August 2017.
Note: Services operating ECCE only will not be visited outside of the ECCE programme cycle. For more information please click here.
Payment 3 for the ECCE programme will be issued to providers by the 4th November 2016. This payment covers the period from the 7th November – 9th December.  This will be a 5 week (max) payment however you must take into account if you have marked any non-payment weeks on your service calendar during that timeframe.  For more information please click here:
Please be advised that for maintenance issues there may be limited access to PIP on Sunday 6th Nov, please refrain from making any registrations during this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.