On 30th December 2020, it was announced by Government that the entire country would remain in level 5 restrictions until midnight on 31st January 2021 and on 6th January 2021, new Level 5 restrictions were announced.  On 30 March 2021 further changes, to take place from April, were announced by Government. You can see the guide to the changes here.

A number of significant resources and public health guidance has been issued by Government, HSE, the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HSPC), Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and others. These resources and supporting documentation are widely available to the community and voluntary sector and should be carefully considered and act as the basis for any COVID-19 Response Plan or Return to Workplace Plan.

In response to requests and queries from the community and voluntary sector and the many groups we work closely alongside, Pobal worked with the Department of Rural and Community Development and prepared a detailed webpage providing guidance on re-open and operating safely. Information and links to official Government and Public Health websites and a breakdown of steps which can be applied in a community and voluntary setting are available on this webpage.

We encourage all community and voluntary organisations returning to the workplace to follow the eight detailed steps as set out on the webpage here as well as reading and applying all recommended Government advice.

Please be mindful that all recommendations and guidance are subject to change as per Government and Public Health advice. The webpage is updated on a regular basis by Pobal and should provide the necessary information to assist and support organisations in prepare individual plans for their own settings.