UPDATED: 31st March 2020

As part of the national response to Covid-19, the Government Departments, on behalf of whom we administer programmes, are working closely to support community-based organisations and the groups and individuals they support.

As you may also be aware, The Government of Ireland has announced additional measures to protect citizens by delaying the spread of COVID-19. The general public is asked to follow this advice and keep informed of this ongoing outbreak. The Government is actively working to delay the spread of this virus, so that our health system will be able to respond effectively.

Full details of these updated measures can be found here.

The Government Departments we work with are currently developing additional materials and content for a variety of audiences that you may find useful. We will keep this page updated regularly with any new COVID-19 resources that are made available.

You, Your Community and COVID-19

The Department of Rural & Community Development (DRCD) have set up a designated page to support Community and Voluntary organisations and the groups they support during Covid-19. You can access it here.

The DRCD has also set up an email helpdesk facility which is available to assist you with advice or queries and is open 7 days a week: http://C&VSupports@drcd.gov.ie

Our collective efforts are critical, we need to do this together as one community in which everyone plays their part, to help and support each other. This phase requires a community effort, with every citizen acting responsibly in order to protect our vulnerable and elderly members of society.

Useful links to official resources and information

HSE Hand hygiene video


HSE Digital Partner pack

The digital partner pack now has illustrated stories for children going to test centres for COVID-19 testing. It is hoped that children going for testing may benefit from the illustrated stories.

The digital partner pack also has updated resources and materials asking people to stay at home.

The digital partner pack contains:

  • The most up to date posters on COVID-19
  • Videos and audio files that you can share
  • Leaflets, social media assets, the information booklet and more

You can download the Digital Partner Pack at:



For information on cocooning, please go to:



Other important resources can be found at:



Download / print the most recent public information posters below:

(click on poster below to expand)

Useful Pobal contacts

Early Learning & Care programmes:

  • Early Years Providers Centre: E: eypc@pobal.ie
  • National Childcare Scheme (NCS) Parent Support Centre: www: https://ncs.gov.ie/en/   T: 01 906 8530

Social Inclusion & Equality and Inclusive Employment & Enterprise Programmes:

  • Pobal online support: E: onlinesupport@pobal.ie T: 01 5117222