As of Friday September 8th 2017, Pobal has launched the 2016 Pobal HP Deprivation Index through our online portal, Pobal Maps. The index provides a method of measuring the relative affluence or disadvantage of a particular geographical area using data compiled from various censuses. It is a key resource to enable a targeted approach towards tackling disadvantage, by providing local analysis of the most disadvantaged areas throughout the state. Percentage data for the area is provided under a range of categories such as unemployment, educational attainment and population change. The data can also be extracted for further analysis through the geoprofiling viewer.

The index focuses on the previous three censuses, enabling easy comparison of data between 2006, 2011 and 2016, and is of particular significance given the economic changes that have occurred nationally during this period. Further substantive findings from the index will be published on the Pobal website ( over the coming weeks.

For further information please visit the Deprivation Index section of the Pobal website or you can also access the system directly through Pobal Maps. If you have any queries or comments please don’t hesitate to contact us on