Pobal have been shortlisted in the DatSci Awards 2018 ‘Best use of data science in a public sector body’ Category for work on our Geosparcity Index.

Pobal developed Geosparcity index which categorises a childcare service or a geographical area in regard to the supply and demand for childcare. The index uses the census data on the number of children within a set distance as a measure of demand and the number of registrations, within the same distance, as a measure of supply. By looking at these numbers from a geographical perspective, we are able to determine if an area is well catered for or if it needs extra childcare places.

Pobal are shortlisted alongside the Central Bank of Ireland and Chorus Intelligence. The winner of the category will be announced on Friday, September 7 2018.

Further information about the awards can be found by visiting the DatSci website here.