Dormant Accounts Fund (DAF)

The Dormant Accounts Fund (DAF) was established by legislation and enables unclaimed funds from accounts in credit institutions in Ireland to be used to support,

–  the personal and social development of persons who are economically or socially disadvantaged

–  the educational development of persons who are educationally disadvantaged

–  persons with a disability (within the meaning of the Equal Status Act 2000)

Under the Dormant Accounts Act 2012, the Minister for Rural and Community Development is responsible for the processes by which Government approves measures and projects to which funding may be disbursed under DAF.

The Department of Rural and Community Development is required to prepare a three year DAF Disbursement Scheme that sets out the measures to be implemented under the Fund, and an annual Action Plan to give effect to the scheme.


Funding for Social Enterprises under the KickStart Fund

The Probation Service with monies from the Dormant Accounts Fund has launched Round 2 of their KickStart Fund.  This funding is available to support social enterprises to create and sustain employment opportunities for people with a criminal conviction who find it difficult to access the labour market.

Funding is available to social enterprises to carry out a feasibility study/market research (Strand 1) or for a contribution towards start-up costs, development or job creation costs (Strand 2).

Pobal is administrating the KickStart Fund on behalf of the Probation Service.

Applications are now closed.


Programme Contact Details

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