My Journey: Distance Travelled Tool

My Journey is a validated tool which measures soft skills relevant to employment, education and training, and personal development.

The Government of Ireland (Department of Rural and Community Development) and Pobal have been part of joint initiative to develop a soft skills measurement tool, working closely with Quality Matters, Trinity College Dublin, and co-created with Local Development Companies.

My Journey measures five soft skill areas:

  1. Literacy and numeracy confidence
  2. Confidence, goal setting and self-efficacy
  3. Communication skills
  4. Connection with others
  5. General work readiness

My Journey supports service users and staff to work together to identify personal goals and to show progress on these over time. It is a quick and easy questionnaire suitable for anyone aged 15 years and up, and can be used in individual and group settings.  It is designed for repeat use to show what has changed.  Carefully worded, the tool is non-judgemental and takes a gentle approach to supporting skills development.

My Journey puts the person at the centre and empowers them through a strengths based approach. It encourages the service user to self-reflect and to gain a better understanding of their strengths and areas they would like to work on. In terms of benefits for service providers, My Journey helps initiate conversation, assess needs, and plan steps in conjunction with the service user to address the identified needs.  My Journey also gathers evidence-based data which can be used to identify gaps in services and help plan local service provision and over time this can help providers to improve their services. It has the potential to highlight good practice, support the sharing of learning, and demonstrate programme impact.

To find out more about My Journey, watch the short introductory video:

There was full quality control in the statistical process to develop My Journey, leading to a fully validated tool which delivers reliable and consistent resultsProfessor Catherine Comiskey, Professor of Healthcare Modelling and Statistics, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin

Using the tool felt like a useful additional resource, a conversation starter, helping to reinforce the client’s awareness of their progressionWexford Local Development


Click here to see the key speakers at the My Journey Launch Event on 30th January 2020.

The ‘My Journey Resources’ section below contains the following:

  1. My Journey Tool: This is the form with the 27 items to be completed by service users
  2. My Journey Logo: The logo to use with any support documentation or reports etc. where My Journey is included
  3. Staff Guidebook: This is the guidebook for all staff using My Journey with service users, and sets out what My Journey is, how it works and how to introduce it
  4. My Journey Information Leaflet: This is a handy explainer of My Journey.  It is useful for service providers using My Journey to make available to clients or other funders

To find out more about My Journey, email

Go to to access the online My Journey training videos.


My Journey Resources