Pobal Maps and the Pobal HP Deprivation index

Pobal Maps is a free Geographical Information System which provides a range of functions, such as area deprivation profiling, details on Childcare Services, plus a range of other funded services throughout the Republic of Ireland.

The Pobal HP Deprivation index is Ireland’s most widely used social gradient metric, which scores each small area (50 – 200 households) in terms of affluence or disadvantage. The index uses information from Ireland’s census, such as employment, age profile and educational attainment, to calculate this score. The Pobal HP Deprivation Index is available on our website and is free to use.

For more detailed information about these, plus user guides and tutorial videos, please visit the Resources section.

How can services be accessed

We operate many different programmes on behalf of various government departments. Each programme will have its own criteria and application methods. Details of the grant schemes and services to programmes we provide can be found here.

If you have a query regarding a programme or service we provide, please contact us on 01 511700 or email enquiries@pobal.ie

Rights Of Appeal

The majority of our programmes which involve a recommendation by us to a government department have a right of appeal or review. The grounds on which an appeal or review can be requested may vary from programme to programme. Applicants are advised at the point of receiving their initial decision regarding the Review/Appeals process. In most cases, there is usually a feedback process which can be helpful in considering review/appeal options. Please visit our Programmes section for more information.